Financial Questions We Are Asking Ourselves

  • How do I make money in these markets?
  • Am I getting competent financial advice?
  • Will I recover my losses in time?
  • What kind of risks am I willing to take?
  • Am I diversified?

South Side Financial Center

  • If you are a Saver or Investor and are unsure what to do:
    Call, stop in or send me a note via email.
  • If you do not want to pay high commissions or fees:
    Set an appointment.
  • If you are tired of losing money in the stock market:
    Bring in your investment statements including work retirement plans.

If you are looking for professional advice and services to help you with Investments, Insurance, or Taxes, Come to Fort Des Moines Financial Services

Large National Firms sometimes have conflicts of interest because they have to pay tiers of executives, stockholders, advertisers and advisors. The products recommended may not be what you really need.

As An Independent Advisor, My Obligation Is To My Clients Offering You

  • No Fee for Financial Planning Advice
  • Investment accounts with NO Front end of Back end charges
  • No Annual Custodial fees – $20, $30, $80, $100 per account.
  • No Sales Pitches
  • No Annuities

David’s Investment Philosophy

TD Ameritrade Offers my Brokerage Clients

Full access to listed Stocks and Low Cost Exchange Traded Funds Leaders

  • State Street, Barclays and Vanguard.
  • 13000 Mutual Funds are available via TD Ameritrade as of July 2010 coming from 400 Fund Families.
  • No account custodial fees which vary often from $40 to $100 per year from major brokerage houses.
  • No client minimum transfer requirements or account opening balances.
  • State of the Art Technology to your Website Needs
  • No client exit or early redemption charges
  • Low trading expenses
  • $10 or $17 to trade Stocks and ETF’s based on preference of electronic / paper statements

Questions You Should Ask About Your Investments

Download RISK Assess IPS Questionnaire